I Am Number Four

Written by:
Pittacus Lore
Narrated by:
Neil Kaplan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
11 hours 26 minutes
The first book of the #1 New York Times bestselling series and the inspiration for the hit movie from Dreamworks!

John Smith seems like an ordinary teenager, living a normal life with his guardian Henri in Paradise, Ohio. But for John, keeping a low profile is essential, because he is not an ordinary teenager. He’s an alien from the planet Lorien, and he’s on the run. A group of evil aliens from the planet Mogadore, who destroyed his world, are hunting anyone who escaped.

Nine Loric children were sent to Earth to live in hiding until they grew up and developed their Legacies, powers that would help them fight back—and help them save us. Three of them are now dead. John is Number Four, and he knows he’s next….

Michael Bay, director of Transformers, raved: “Number Four is a hero for this generation.” This epic story is perfect for fans of action-packed science fiction like The 5th Wave series by Rick Yancey, The Maze Runner series by James Dashner, and Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game.

The battle for Earth’s survival wages on. Read all of the books: #2: The Power of Six, #3: The Rise of Nine, #4: The Fall of Five, #5: The Revenge of Seven, #6: The Fate of Ten, and #7: United as One.

Don’t miss the first book in the brand-new I Am Number Four spin-off series: Generation One.
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Love the series

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Laura Brown

The book has a great story, lots more information than the movie, but I did expect that. I like both equally though. I loved the narrator's voice when he was reading "Omri"and for "John" was fantastic! His"Sam" voice was too easily as if needs talk like that? His voice for the "principal" sounded like a combination of The Grinch, with Jim Carrey and the Alien bug that tries to go to the Space Needle ship, on Men In Black! Once I related it to that I was fine! I'm still giving him a 5 because he was great. Omri (sp) made me feel like he was from Lorian ++I'm (not sure if I spelled it right haha. ** The other voices were FANTASTIC! Males trying to do females that have the gruff voice are weird, I just imagine the girl voice on the movie!!!

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Shawn C

I seen the movie first, but it has nothing on the book.

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John R

Good story, the narrator does a great job with male voices, the female...not so much.

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Hayden D

Great book, starts slow but has a great end. I can't wait for the next books.

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Rob West

I was pretty confused at first like are you say everyone so they just superhuman what what what workday but after a while so the story play slow it does explain a lot the story is pretty good IWednesday is my favorite but if it's good I'll give it 4 1/2

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Dean Johnson

For a first in this searias its a great read. Like the si-fi stuff and I never lost track of the store.

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Tina Legault

Good book. Looking forward to next one and however more there are!!

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jen gorewitz

Boss book I loved it! Thanks narrator. Jon is amazing and I wish I could be like him.

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Justin Foreman

Good book, takes a little to get going but ends with a bang.

I Am Number Four
This title is due for release on August 3, 2010.

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I Am Number Four
This title is due for release on August 3, 2010
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I Am Number Four
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I Am Number Four

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