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I Can’t Breathe: How a Racial Hoax Is Killing America

Written by:
David Horowitz
Narrated by:
John Mclean

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
6 hours 6 minutes
“I Can’t Breathe.”

These three words rocked the nation in the spring of 2020. The historic eruption of lawlessness and violence that followed George Floyd’s death opened new fault lines in the nation’s cultural and political landscape, threatening a radical reshaping of American society.

In I Can’t Breathe, the relentlessly penetrating David Horowitz exposes the biggest hoax of the twenty-first century. Despite its claim to be an “inclusive and spacious movement,” Black Lives Matter divides Americans by race, class, and party in pursuit of a radical agenda that would impoverish and degrade everyone.

Relying on groundbreaking research and dozens of internal documents, Horowitz reveals:

Why black lives don’t matter to the leaders of Black Lives Matter

How, in just seven years, BLM became one of the most powerful cultural forces in America

Why BLM is not a civil rights organization

Why BLM leaders won’t be satisfied until the West has been dismantled and “reimagined”

The goals of Black Lives Matter are a far cry from those of the civil rights movement of sixty years ago, warns Horowitz. I Can’t Breathe uncovers the truth about BLM and provides solutions that will actually strengthen black communities and guarantee the freedom of all citizens.
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Usually love the Horowitz/Mc Lean Teamings. I think Mc Clean narrates most of his books and I enjoy his voice and style. There wasn't much in the way of analysis in this offering. He pretty much recalls several high profile incidents, but doesn't really offer anything that I already didn't know. A follow up would be interesting given the recent revelation that BLM was a scam and managed to blow tens of millions of dollars on the leadership without doing much for the community they were supposed to serve.

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