I Don't Date Football Players: A Sweet Sports Romantic Comedy

I Don't Date Football Players: A Sweet Sports Romantic Comedy

Written by:
Alex (sweet) Mcanders
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
5 hours 17 minutes
A girl meets a boy and hates him.


Not at first. At first he made her weak in the knees. Waking up from a night of drinking with a cute note pinned to your shirt asking to ‘meet again’ will do that to a person. And finding him standing next to the lake as planned, he was crazy gorgeous. So, what went wrong?


“Did you say you play football? NOPE!”


Kendal Seers might be a lot of things –– weird, introverted, boyish looking –– but she’s not stupid. She doesn’t have to learn the same lesson twice.


But, when her professor selects her as a counselor in an exclusive program mentoring troubled students, and is assigned the same set of broad shoulders and marble cheekbones, this time she can’t storm off.


Why was Nero Roman, star running back, in a program for troubled students? Could it have to do with his small town roots? Can Kendall lower her guard long enough to find out?


If she did, would the spark between them ignite an inferno that melts her delicate heart or destroys it? Nero isn’t the only one with a dark past. So, can Kendall she’s going to have to decide how far she’s willing to go for a chance at the greatest love of her life.



Note: This book is a part of the author's 'Love is Love Collection', meaning that it is available as a spicy romance in 'My Weakness', a wholesome romance in 'I Don’t Date Football Players', a steamy wolf shifter romance in ‘Tortured Wolf’, and a Male/Male romance in 'Asking for Trouble’, and a Male/Male wolf shifter romance in ‘ His Rejected Mate’.
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