Written by:
Ellen Hopkins
Narrated by:
Laura Flanagan
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2008
8 hours 45 minutes
In the latest hard-hitting YA novel by the New York Times bestselling author, sixteen-year-old identical twin girls must come to terms with their abusive father.

Kaeleigh and Raeanne are sixteen-year-old identical twins, the daughters of a district court judge father and politician mother running for Congress. Everything on the surface of their lives seems Norman Rockwell perfect, but underneath run deep and damaging secrets.

Kaeleigh is the good girl-her father's perfect flower, something she has tried so hard to be since she was nine and he started sexually abusing her. She cuts herself and vomits after every binge, desperate to feel something normal. Raeanne uses painkillers, drugs, alcohol, and sex to numb the pain of not being Daddy's favorite. Both girls must figure out how to become whole, but how can they when their world has been torn to shreds?

Writing in her characteristic narrative poetry style, Ellen Hopkins shows once again how well she knows today's teens and the issues that matter to them.
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ericka Hough

WOW!!! That is all I can say about this book!!! JUST WOW!!!!!

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Lauri C.

Good story line, lots of twists I didn’t see coming

Profile Avatar
Amber R.

I'm only half way through but it's a chore to keep going. maybe this book would be better with a different narrator? I'm not sure but listening to this narrator is borderline torture.

Profile Avatar

Another good psychological thriller. I love these types of books. Very well narrated. Enjoyed the listen very much.

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Kimberly A.

The narration was great but the book was so predictable. Everything that happened. No surprises.

Profile Avatar
Jennifer D.

Good read . Nice twists. Definitely worth the time!

Profile Avatar

Predictable. I made it halfway through the book, and it was so grating and predictable I looked up the ending to see if I was right (I was) and called it a day.

Profile Avatar
Jasmin Daniels

It's ok. Similarities with The Uninvited, if you've ever seen it.

Profile Avatar

Love how the characters are described and what the truth behind it means. Surprising!

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EmilyElisabeth W.

Disturbing and a bit depressing at first but also thought provoking and real. I had mixed emotions while listening but the further I got into the book the more intrigued and drawn in I became. Definitely worth the time!

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Becca T.

nice twist, maybe predictable to some, but caught me off guard!

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Viktoriya V.

Absolutely amazing, the ending made me sit up in my seat. Narration is top notch, she delivered the mood and feelings so well, I feel like I stayed listening to this book just because of the narration. P.S. If you are sensitive please do not listen to this book.

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Brenda S.

This book was awesome

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Fast paced and a compelling listen.

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Nelia A.

I found this book very disturbing and I became more and more depressed while reading ( listening) to it. If you are sensitive and has young kids this could probably impact your mood too.

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Cassandra Sampson

good read, very suspenseful

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Felicia L.

this good will keep you on your seat not wanting to out it down. its. a pretty twisted story but good one! The end will leave you at lose of words.

This title is due for release on August 27, 2008.

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