If I fall

Written by:
Anne Thorogood
Narrated by:
Scarlett Courtney
VIP Reward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
9 hours 23 minutes
Hannah is young and beautiful, but the part about being beautiful, she doesn't quite believe. And she's stuck in Denmark. The plan had been to move to England and study. Instead, she has moved back in with her parents to take care of her sick father who has had a stroke. Hannah works in the family business, which is run by her uncle, Filip. Hannah has no time for friends or love, until she literally throws herself at the handsome and charming William Black. But the encounter with William is complicated. Hannah has no room in her life for complications, but she's having a hard time containing herself when it comes to the annoying and controlling Mr. Black.
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Liked the narrator but the character of Hannah is so annoying. The story dragged on because of her. I was exhausted at the end.

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Nancy K.

The main character made me a little crazy with her nonsensical reactions. Thankful this was a free VIP listen.

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