Imperfection: DI Stewart Gardener Book 2

Written by:
Ray Clark
Narrated by:
Greg Wagland

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
8 hours 35 minutes
IMPERFECTION is the second in a series of classic murder mysteries with a twist set in Leeds, featuring DI Stewart Gardener.

When theatregoers are treated to the gruesome spectacle of an actor's lifeless body hanging on the stage, DI Stewart Gardener is immediately called in to investigate. Is the killer still in the audience? A lockdown is set in motion but it is soon apparent that the murderer is able to come and go unnoticed. How do they do it? Is the killer a theatre worker or an actor? And what kind of grudge do they have to bear? Frustratingly, the killer leaves a trail of clues for the detectives. Taunted by these and flummoxed as to their meaning, DI Gardener realises that his own family may be in danger. Identifying and capturing the culprit will mean establishing the motive for their macabre crimes, but perhaps not before more victims meet their fate.
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