The Importance of Genius in our World

Written by:
Martin K Ettington
Narrated by:
Martin K Ettington

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
2 hours 37 minutes
Genius is a fascinating subject which I’ve thought a lot about over my life.
There are many books on the subject and they are all different with various viewpoints on what Genius is, who are geniuses, and why Genius is important.
No two definitions of Genius are the same.
In this book I attempt to cover the history of Genius, why it is important, famous Geniuses in history, and how you can develop a genius consciousness yourself.
Possibly the earliest Genius of humanity was the person who first learned how to use fire which has been an important part of our ancestors and humanity’s survival for over one million years.
Many geniuses over history contributed to the development of human technology, science, art, war, and much more.
I’ve listed many well-known geniuses in this book but most are male. The problem is that during most of history females were not taken seriously or even allowed to be leaders in the major professions-otherwise more would listed as geniuses too.
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