An Improbable Spy

Written by:
David Paul Collins
Narrated by:
Andrew Tell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
6 hours 57 minutes
Tehran was well known to American businessman Jack Devlin until the day everything changed. When radical Islamic students stormed the US embassy on November 4, 1979, Jack narrowly escaped the revolutionary chaos, leaving behind 80 percent of his business and 100 percent of his heart.
To get his beautiful girlfriend, Farideh, out of Iran, Jack accepts a devil’s bargain with the CIA and MI6. He must slip back into Tehran, where the militant students are holding dozens of Americans hostage in their own embassy. His part of the bargain is to steal the coveted client ledger of the world’s most powerful arms dealer, Mustafa Khaki, Farideh’s father. Surprised by an additional assignment, Jack is also ordered to strip a KGB defector of details on Russian collusion with Iran and their plan to eliminate the American hostages while infiltrating the highest levels of Ayatollah Khomeini’s government.
From the damp cellars of KGB headquarters to the cold chill of British espionage to the blistering heat of the Kuwaiti desert, readers will learn, in an erroneous twist, that not all the turncoats are Russians.
“Collins’s descriptions of bazaars, street scenes, customs officials, and hotels in Tehran, Kuwait, and Egypt, and roadblocks manned by soldiers leading boys with AK-47’s, are vivid enough to convince anyone who has been in the Third World for any length of time that the author has been there, and not as a tourist. This brilliantly written espionage tale is as good as it gets.” Starred Review from BlueInk Review
“Through excellent characterization the characters come alive – heroes to be cheered on, villains to be despised. This taut, tense, page-turning thriller is highly recommended.” Darryl Greer, Readers Favorites
“I loved the crisp writing and gorgeous descriptions, an international setting that will stay vivid in the minds of readers. An Improbable Spy is nothing short of a spellbinding, entertaining page-turner.” Ruffina Oserio, Readers Favorites
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Sudhir Y.

That rarest of beasts : The perfect thriller. this extraordinary novel set my blood fizzing - I quite literally could not put it down. I told myself I would just dip in , eleven hours later - it's now 5:47am - I have finished it, absolutely dazzled. David Paul Collins is a true artist.

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Shiva D.

David Paul Collins is a master of storytelling. That rarest of beasts: the perfect suspenseful thriller. This extraordinary novel set my blood fizzing―I quite literally couldn't put it down. I told myself I'd just dip in; eleven hours later―it's now 5:47 a.m.―I've finished it, absolutely dazzled."

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Sneha S.

The book is about the uncomparable spy who's ironic and ceremonious with superior mind and eccentric habits. Even though it sets in 1979, it shows today's situation with the geopolitical relationship of Isreal, Iran, Russia, UK, USA. As the story unfolds, CIA, MI6, and Mossad gets involved and all of them wants the ledger of Mustafa khaki that holds his client information. Things are not as easy as they look. The author has written this book from his personal experiences of being in Tehran in 1979. The author has beautifully managed to bring the details and the hard work of American businessman. The story is full of actions and twists. The plot had twists and turns which kept my interest. The characters themselves are strongly built that take and blow your mind. This is a fast paced thriller with many themes. The storytelling is the heart of the story. It has an emotional touch because of characters who feel quite close to your heart. This book is for everyone who loves books that are filled with mystery, drama, twists, etc.

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Shenzoo A.

This book is more interesting than the first book Shanghaied. It’s fast-paced spy thriller with historical significance and a good plot. It is well written by author and amazing narration by narrator added more beauty to this book. This suspenseful spy adventure tale is really Wow and you won't be able to put down. David's great imagination skills blew my mind, the story has a quality that can attract the readers. The real life experiences shared by author is good to connect with the readers, the characters stay with the readers for a long time. A wonderful spy thriller with suspense, loved it totally.

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An Improbable Spy, is another winning, impeccably well-written spy thriller mystery from David Paul Collins. The first thing one notices when reading An Improbable Spy is how evocative and detailed the thriller element. Not only are details like this believable and time-period accurate (or so I am assuming, as I’m by NO means an expert at this sort of thing!), but they are interesting – never once did I feel like I was being info-dumped or in a dingy lecture hall. Rather, David Paul Collins manages to bring the grime and sweat of American businessman Jack Devlin and other characters to life by means of this nuanced narrative. Though the mystery isn’t really that much of a mystery, and the plotting is an amazing aspect of the book, the writing overall with its attention to detail and period is genuinely winsome. Thoughts on the audiobook and Narration Andrew Tell's narration is precise, steady, considered. He recounts the pressure of feeling like he was the one living all those events. Great hearing, great narrator, I really got immersed into the characters and enjoyed every bit of this journey. While we'll never give up the pleasure of cracking the spine and turning the pages of a great new book, sometimes the audio version just hits the spot. That's what Andrew Tell did with his amazing and engaging narration. The next time you find yourself in need of a creative way to pass the time, break out one of the amazing audiobook narrated by Andrew Tell. I'm just in love with an amazing voice ,narrative of Andrew Tell along with an absorbing storytelling and plotline by David Paul Collins Highly Recommended!

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Sanya S.

LOVED it totally! It’s fast-paced spy thriller with historical significance. It is well written by author and amazingly narrated by narrator. This suspenseful spy adventure tale is really Wow and you won't be able to take a break with this audio book. The passion, betrayal, the American’s hostages drama in Iran, the different spies agencies fighting with each other, and much more fantastic parts are there in the book which keeps you engaged with the story. The author have great imagination skills that will blow your mind. The best thing about David Sir books - he include the content in the story from his real life experience and that's why the characters stay with the readers for a long time. Highly recommended, its available in audiobook too.

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