In A Class by Itself: A Novel

Written by:
Sandra Brown
Narrated by:
Elaina Erika Davis

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2000
3 hours 0 minutes
Dani Quinn walked into her high school reunion with dread and anticipation. She knew Logan Webster would be there, and she had no idea how she would react the first time she saw him. She had left both Logan and the small Texas town years before. Her departure had been abrupt, painful, and not of her choosing. She'd never had the chance to tell Logan the truth.

Handsome, charming, and dangerously charismatic, Logan has grown into a man who exudes all the power and confidence of self-made success. He listens as Dani describes her work for Friends in Need, a charitable organization that raises funds for mentally and physically challenged children. He is attentive as she explains the foundation's hope that he will donate one of his properties for a much-needed summer camp. Then he suggests a shocking proposal of his own. A coldhearted "business" deal that conceals a hurt Logan has never gotten over.

Frightened by her own feelings for Logan, hoping to heal the pain she has caused him, Dani agrees to his unconventional terms. What she never expects is the chance that their love will be rekindled. But it is not that simple. Once again Dani is forced to leave Logan without so much as an explanation. For unbeknownst to Logan, Dani has passed through a heartwrenching tragedy that has changed her life forever, and where she must go not even he can follow.
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This book was terrible! Sort of like a B-rated Harlequin romance! I couldn't listen to all of it.

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The author must be really sexually repressed, or finds the need to painfully tell us that she needs sex. The author must also have a thing with anger management or thought of rape, as the male character seems to display a lot of both. Her adolescent description of the so-called sexual tension is like reading an older version of "Sweet Valley High". The book itself is entertaining, and great for a commute, but otherwise, there's plenty of other authors worth listening to. The narrator's "texan" voice is pretty annoying, and makes Logan sound like a real red neck, with an IQ of a peanut. The characters are rather dull, predictable, and not at all 3 dimensional. You have a boy jilted by his love, boy wants revenge on the girl, to the brink of potential rape, boy unaware of girl's past, begs forgiveness and then everything ends well. 2 stars because it is entertaining, but lacks depth and originality.

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Sweet story that I could have enjoyed - if I were 14. But for an adult woman, it was idealistic and painfully transparent. Thank goodness it was the abridged version.

In A Class by Itself: A Novel
This title is due for release on July 5, 2000.

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In A Class by Itself: A Novel
This title is due for release on July 5, 2000
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In A Class by Itself: A Novel
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In A Class by Itself: A Novel

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