In Deep: The FBI, CIA, and the Truth about America's Deep State

Written by:
David Rohde
Narrated by:
Graham Winton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
10 hours 25 minutes
A Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist’s investigation of the “deep state.”
Three-quarters of Americans believe that a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate or direct
national policy in the United States. President Trump blames the “deep state” for his impeachment. But what is the American “deep
state” and does it really exist?
To conservatives, the “deep state” is an ever-growing government bureaucracy, an “administrative state” that they think relentlessly
encroaches on the individual rights of Americans. Liberals fear the “military-industrial complex”—a cabal of generals and defense
contractors who they believe routinely push the country into endless wars. Every modern American president from Carter to Trump
has engaged in power struggles with Congress, the CIA, and the FBI. Every CIA and FBI director has suspected White House aides or
members of Congress of leaking secrets for political gain. Frustrated Americans increasingly distrust the politicians, unelected officials,
and journalists who they feel set the country’s political agenda. American democracy faces its biggest crisis of legitimacy in a half century.
This sweeping exploration examines the CIA and FBI scandals of the past fifty years—from the Church Committee’s exposure
of Cold War abuses, to the Iran-Contra affair, to false intelligence about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, to NSA mass surveillance
revealed by Edward Snowden. It then investigates the claims and counterclaims of the Trump era, and the relentless spread of conspiracy
theories online and on-air. While Trump says he is the victim of the “deep state,” Rohde argues the president and his allies are creating a
de facto “deep state” of their own that operates outside official government channels and smears rivals, both real and perceived.
The feverish debate over the “deep state” raises core questions about the future of American democracy. Is it possible for career
government officials to be politically neutral? Have the FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies grown too powerful? Are politicians
spreading “deep state” conspiracy theories for their own political gain? How vast should the power of a president be? Based on dozens of
interviews with career CIA operatives and FBI agents, In Deep answers the question of whether the nation’s intelligence agencies and its
politicians are abusing or protecting the public’s trust.
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Michael W.

This sounds more like options than fact. No proof behind some of his opinions. Made it about half way before I stopped listening. I’m sure it gets worse.

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Cade P.

At least two thirds of the book outlines how corruption is not only possible but occurred repeatedly in the FBI, CIA and the handling of the those agencies by various administrations. But then it whitewashes and glosses over serious actions and allegations of the Clintons, their foundation, various FBI agents and leaders, etc. Even the summary at the end of the book reminds us of the propensity for corruption in these agencies, but still concludes that all the problems of the past few years were predominantly Trump's fault. It essentially concludes that good people would never have had to make such serious decisions if Trump had not been there. If if one agrees that Trump made so many things worse, that cannot possibly absolve others of their bad actions and decisions. The fact still remains that other people made very bad decisions, often illegal and immoral, and it is not appropriate to point all fingers at one person. The book refuses to admit that current people in government can be drawn toward the same corruption and bad decisions as those in the past, and it paints everyone who worked against Trump as merely doing their best in bad situations. That is a very lopsided view of history.

Profile Avatar
Ted P.

Grossly biased. No thanks.

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Anthony Spangler

Good read and listen..narration was great but just seems to much of a Trump bashing book!

Profile Avatar

Boring - made it through 25 minutes - realized I felt like I was in a 5th grade Civics class with a poor teacher

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This is an awfully bias book. Don't waste your time.

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