In Defense of Plants: An Exploration into the Wonder of Plants

Written by:
Matt Candeias Phd
Narrated by:
Matthew Boston

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2021
6 hours 16 minutes
In his debut book, internationally recognized blogger and podcaster Matt Candeias celebrates the nature of plants and the extraordinary world of plant organisms.

A botanist's defense. Since his early days of plant restoration, this amateur plant scientist has been enchanted with flora and the greater environmental ecology of the planet. Now, he looks at the study of plants through the lens of his ever-growing houseplant collection.

The ruthless, horny, and wonderful nature of plants. Understand how plants evolve and live on Earth with a never-before-seen look into their daily drama. In this book, Candeias explores the incredible ways plants live, fight, have sex, and conquer new territory. Whether a blossoming botanist or a professional plant scientist, In Defense of Plants is for anyone who sees plant organisms as more than just static backdrops to more charismatic life forms.

In this easily accessible introduction to the incredible world of plants, you'll find fantastic botanical histories and plant symbolism, passionate stories of flora diversity and scientific names of plants, and personal tales of plantsman discovery through the study of plants.
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