Inch by Inch: Finding a Home within My Skin

Written by:
Monique Lisbon
Narrated by:
Monique Lisbon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
4 hours 53 minutes
'Inch by Inch' tells the story of one woman’s fifty-year struggle to feel at home within her skin. Childhood sexual abuse confined Monique to a body controlled by others. After decades of trying to flee from herself, Monique tipped the scales at 200kg. She was grinding to a halt, immobilised by the labour of living. Faced with the prospect of life in a wheelchair, she chose to find her feet. Losing two-thirds of her weight – inch by inch – was hard work. But as she embraced the risks and costs of change, she gained momentum, reclaiming mobility, health, a lightness of being, joy. Monique’s journey from morbid obesity to living health has also been a trek from self-hatred and shame, towards self-respect and freedom. Audio book also contains full-length album of songs by the author. 'Inch by Inch' is the third title in Monique Lisbon’s evolving story of hope, following on from her previous two books/CDs:'Fragments of Home: Piecing Life Together after Childhood Sexual Abuse' and 'Keeping Mum: The Silent Cost of Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse'. More information is available from: and
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