An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems

Written by:
Glenn Beck
Narrated by:
Glenn Beck

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2007
6 hours 26 minutes
Glenn Beck, the New York Times bestselling author of The Great Reset, tackles some of our country’s biggest problems in this funny, outrageous, and entertaining book.

Glenn Beck believes that the reason why some of our biggest problems never seem to get fixed is simple: the solutions just aren’t very convenient. And as the host of a nationally syndicated radio show and a prime-time television show on CNN Headline News, Glenn Beck doesn’t care much about convenience; he cares about common sense.

Take the issue of poverty, for example. Over the last forty years, America’s poorest cities all had one simple thing in common, but politicians will never reveal what that is (or explain how easy it would be to change). Global warming is another issue that’s rife with lies and distortion. How many times have we heard that carbon dioxide is responsible for huge natural disasters that have killed millions of people? The truth is, it’s actually the other way around: as CO2 has increased, deaths from extreme weather have decreased. But that would never be shown in an Al Gore slide show.

Combining honesty with a biting sense of humor, An Inconvenient Book contains hundreds of these 'why have I never heard that before?' types of facts that will leave readers wondering how political correctness, special interests, and outright stupidity have gotten us so far away from the common sense solutions this country was built on.
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Not as good as COMMON SENSE. Some part good, some parts silly.

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Mandi Scott Chestler

Unless you are a Glenn Beck fan, this audio-book has marginal appeal. While Mr. Beck's enthusiasm for his country seems sincere and honest, unfortunately his aptitude for humor is inconveniently average. He undercuts some of his best points with goofy highschoolish attempts at jokes and silly sarcasm. Too many cheap shots at environmentalists undercut his better, more sensible arguments for protecting our borders, cutting our government spending/defecit, and taking more seriously the radical Islamic extremist threat to American democracy.

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This book is funny and honest. I find it interesting that others reviews are so simple minded. When I read a book or even watch a move before I can be a critic I take all things in consideration. How well was the book written, was it honest and factual, etc. I also always read/watch/listen to all of the content before I rate the movie or book. For instance "Inherit the wind" decent movie and acting terribly inaccurate. If you know Glen Beck you know he cares for his country and is very "arrogant" about how great this country is. Though I would call it proud of what our country has sacrificed for freedom. I can see why he gets so upset when so many Americans refuse to pull the wool from over their eyes and fight the ternary that is developing. I guess it is inevitable, but I wont die without a fight

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Michael Cala

I thought this might be fun until I popped the first CD into the car box. First, the author's narration is so arrogant and smug and self-satisfied and sophomoric (I can keep going; please stop me!) that it immediately set my teeth on edge. Couple this with the obvious, sophomoric rhetoric meant to be funny -- something that sounds like a filibuster by a not terribly well-informed high school sophomore high on stimulants -- and you've got a real "I have no frontal lobe"-fest on your hands. I couldn't make it through the first CD; all I could think of while the CD was playing was slapping the obvious grin off the author's/narrator's face. A huge waste of time and oh so not-funny.

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This was a very entertaining book but kind of light weight. The first chapter is definately worth reading though.

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I would have enjoyed hearing Mr. Beck's take on politics, etc. but I could not get past his annoying narration. Perhaps I'll read the book.

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