Inherited Luck

Inherited Luck

Written by:
Mel Todd
Narrated by:
Autumn Juliet
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
11 hours 35 minutes
Magical house, insane killer, and life altering decisions—being an adult sucks.I did it, I've graduated and no more pressure. And I've got a house, me a house! Road trip time for Jo, Sable, and me up to Albany, New York. The house both is and isn't what I expected. Beautiful-yes. Locked rooms with mysterious stuff-yes. But it also seems alive, which isn't possible. This isn't a movie, houses aren't alive. 

But before I get to finish exploring the house the draft office has decided I need another trial run, and of course Agent Steven Alixant is their errand boy. Before I get a chance to figure out anything— there are some odd things about that house—I'm dragged off to New York City to help catch a serial killer. Which makes no sense. A bachelors degree doesn't make me Sherlock Holmes. Things are going well, I guess. Is it a good thing to figure out clues about a serial killer's identity?

But when I get a phone call that something has happened to Jo and Sable is when things get dangerous. I'm going to have to make a bunch of decisions and I hope I can save Jo and Sable, even if it ends up costing me my life. 

When your luck is as twisted as mine nothing is ever straightforward. 

A found family, non-romantic urban fantasy with a smattering of magical beasties.
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