Inner Peace: Finding Happiness through Calmness, Mindfulness and Minimalism

Inner Peace: Finding Happiness through Calmness, Mindfulness and Minimalism

Narrated by:
Skyler Morgan , Kip Ferguson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
3 hours 25 minutes
4 books, 4 times the value:

Book 1: Meditation for Beginners - I don't think there is a need to point out or emphasize the importance and prevalence of meditation in this world today. Millions of people are meditating, and millions have learned how uplifting, enlightening, and inspiring it can be. Some people don't know where to begin, and others should still open their minds to some more advanced methods. In this guide, you'll find it all. You'll learn about the proven positions, breathing techniques, and more.

Book 2: Mindfulness for Beginners - With all the distractions and temptations in the world nowadays, it becomes ever-so-ever important to be aware of our environment, and to do so in a significant, controlled, balanced way. Many have found and tapped into the power of mindfulness, a spiritual mindset and meditative method that allows the individual to expand his or her thoughts to the abundance of the universe. 

Book 3: Minimalism - Happiness and freedom through having less and embracing it. I am a minimalist in a lot of ways, and I think everyone should have at least the basic knowledge of what it contains. It's liberating, de-stressing, and more efficient to adopt attitudes and habits of minimalism.

Book 4: Ashtanga Yoga - What if you could find a yoga method that trains your entire body better and faster? Throughout history, different forms of yoga have been used. Some are for beginners or people who can’t handle a lot of muscle building; others are for the hardcore trainers and trainees. If you are looking for something with major benefits and you’re tired of the regular yoga forms that don’t deliver enough results, you should look into Ashtanga yoga. 
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