Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Scott Turow

Narrated By: Edward Hermann

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

Date: May 2010

Duration: 14 hours 15 minutes


Scott Turow is a writer and attorney. He is the author of seven best-selling novels: Presumed Innocent (1987), The Burden of Proof (1990), Pleading Guilty (1993), The Laws of Our Fathers (1996), Personal Injuries (1999), Reversible Errors (2002) and Ordinary Heroes (2005). A novella, Limitations, was published as a paperback original in November 2006 by Picador following its serialization in The New York Times Magazine. His works of non-fiction include One L (1977) about his experience as a law student, and Ultimate Punishment (2003), a reflection on the death penalty.


  • Anonymous

    Loved this book, because Scott Turow knows how to write about what is in the hearts of good, decent, everday people. I noted other reviewers stated this book was merely a "love story" but cannot agree with that categorization. It's a great read.

  • wh48

    Kathy is right! This isn't a murder mystery. Mysteries keep you guessing until the end when all is resolved but this is a danged romance novel in disguise! Less touchy-feely, more investigation, blood, and mystery.

  • Kathy

    This book can't seem to decide what it wants to be - a novel about a dysfunctional family; a novel about a spineless, snivelling son; or, a murder mystery.