The Innocents: Complete Series (books 1-3)

The Innocents: Complete Series (books 1-3)

Written by:
Colin Lindsay
Narrated by:
Skye Alley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
25 hours 0 minutes
Fragile Innocence

In the wake of immortality, innocence became prized most highly… and it was preyed upon.

Four very different young women are connected by a gravity that draws them to each other, but to annihilation or consummation?

Grace has a loving family, fiancé, and unshakable faith. So why does her life feel incomplete? Rayne lives in the remains of a skeletal skyscraper and promises herself that today will be different - today, she’ll find happiness. Elana is a member of the city’s thrill-seeking elite, who longs for something real in a life of vacuous hedonism. Sara is an A.I. in love with a creator who will never love her back.

Fabricated Innocence

New York can be a dark place.

All Sara ever wanted is Elana, but when she’s forced to choose between loving her and protecting her, she’ll risk everything to do both. Elana walks a fine line to survive in her cut-throat world, but when the people she cares about are dragged into it, she has to embrace her ruthless upbringing to save them. Grace is haunted by her past, and Rayne is hounded by hers.

These women are pulled closer by bonds of love in a world bent on tearing them apart. When love is all you have, it has to be enough.

Innocence Reclaimed

The world is officially going to hell.

The Immortality Wars were supposed to be ancient history, but ironically or not, they refused to stay dead. This time, however, someone or something had declared war on immortality itself, and people were actually dying again. People were scared, and scared people do terrible things.

A lot of them blamed Rayne. She was the most wanted person in New York, and not in a good way. Her legacy as the daughter of the hero of the Wars wouldn’t leave her alone. The Revolution had never been her cause, but fate thrust it on her.

Thanks, mom.
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