The intelligence of love: Brockwood Park 1980 - Dialogue 12

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: M-Y Books

Date: November 2015

Duration: 1 hours 1 minutes


The intelligence of love - 16 September 1980

- Can the mind, brain, the whole psychological structure ever be free from allconflict, from all shadow of disturbance?
- Thought is the outcome of psychological accumulation. That accumulationgives a sense of continuity, which is time.
- Why do all human beings throughout the world have the urge to become?
- In accumulation man has sought psychological security, and that security with its accumulation is the factor of human division.
- Perception without any motive, without any direction, perception of the wall which has been brought into being by this movement of accumulation, the very perception of that is intelligence and love.