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Intimate Intuition

Written by:
Audrey Carlan
Narrated by:
Jakobi Diem , Diana Luke

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
8 hours 37 minutes
Silas McKnight is the owner of multi-million-dollar musical production company Knight & Day Productions. He’s rich, attractive, and loyal to his core. He’s the man every woman wants but none can have. He’s suffered immeasurable loss, and he doesn’t plan on ever going through that hell again.

Dara Jackson, the quirky, stunning meditation teacher at Lotus House Yoga, is also the owner of Sunflower Bakery. She’s always dreamed of being a baker–and a mother. Having grown up an orphan, Dara knows what being alone and feeling unwanted is like.

Silas and Dara meet one fated night and spend a single evening worshiping each other’s bodies. All is beautiful until Dara discovers a secret and disappears before the sheets are even cold. Except Dara and Silas can’t escape one another. Destiny has spoken, and these two are about to become far more intimate than they ever thought possible.
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Another fantastic book in this series. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it’s characters and the story of friendship to be continued. Great writing

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