Into the Fire

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
8 hours 18 minutes
Surviving in space was the easy part …
I’m not alone anymore.
I've made it down from the solitude of the station, all the way to an incredible underground bunker complex.
Thousands of humanity’s best minds are by my side.
I’m surrounded by secret cutting-edge technologies that almost defy belief.
Too bad none of that is a match for what I’m up against now.
Because in just three days, the final stage of Ignacio Zola’s demented plan to reach a new world will eliminate all life on Earth—unless I can pull off a miracle.
The stakes couldn’t be any higher. The odds couldn’t be any longer.
I’m the man who uncovered Zola’s plan. And now, I’m the only man who can stop him.
This fight started in space and brought me deep below Earth’s surface.
But that’s nothing compared to what comes next …
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