Introduction to Psychology 101 and Social Psychology 101

Written by:
Nathan Dewall
Narrated by:
Nathan Dewall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
20 hours 15 minutes
Join the co-author of the world’s bestselling psychology textbook in exploring the secrets of human psychology and group behavior.
Understanding your thoughts and emotions, as well as the effects of your social environment, is key to living your best life. In this audio bundle from renowned psychology professor Nathan DeWall, you will learn how familiarizing yourself with the basics of psychology generally and social psychology specifically can help you improve your self-image, relationships, and sense of overall well-being.
In Prof. DeWall’s psychology course, you will get a backstage pass to many of the mind’s mysteries, including why some people are prone to depression, why some therapies work while others don’t, and why some romantic relationships succeed while others flop. Incorporating vivid case studies and psychological research, these 24 engaging lectures challenge you to reconsider what you think you know about the mind and offer practical tools to improve your daily life.
In the social psychology course, you’ll learn how small changes to your social environment can produce big changes in how you approach daily life and major decisions. In 24 provocative lectures, you’ll answer questions such as: Why do we connect with some people and not others? What makes great teams flourish? And How does culture shape our attitudes? As it explores the fascinating field of social psychology, this eye-opening audio course busts common myths about human psychology and behavior.
Iowa State University psychology professor Craig A. Anderson describes Prof. DeWall as “one of the most influential psychological science leaders of his generation.” Now is your chance to take two life-changing courses in his classroom.
This bundle is part of the Learn25 collection.
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