Introvert: The Quiet Power in a World of Noise

Introvert: The Quiet Power in a World of Noise

Written by:
Rita Chester
Narrated by:
Kelly Mcgee
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
1 hour 16 minutes
The true power of introverts revealed

Introverts are often misunderstood, but among all the loud attention-seekers, there are hidden powers that stabilize society, draw from creativity and deep thoughts, and plan the safest, best ways to make the most out of their lives. Listen about the mysteries of the introvert personality, something that is part of almost 50% of the world population and sometimes gets neglected or underappreciated. You will hear, among others, about:

Common misconceptions about introverts, including the myths that they are shy, socially impaired, or unemotional.

The signs of being an introvert. See if you have any of these signs and you will know how high your 'level of introversion' is.

Advantages and disadvantages of being an introvert: The TRUTH!!!

Valuable tips of dealing with yourself when you are an introvert; learn what to do and what to avoid.

The different types of introvert (you'll know which one you are immediately).

Roles of introverts in society which may surprise you. Don't skip this!

A new sense of perspective on people, relationships, yourself, your thoughts, and your inclinations and tendencies as an introvert.
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