The Irish Boarding House

Written by:
Sandy Taylor
Narrated by:
Aoife Mcmahon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
8 hours 56 minutes
Dublin, 1952. When Mary Kate Ryan receives a surprise inheritance from the woman who abandoned her as a tiny baby, she’s stunned. All her life, she has longed to know why her mother disappeared, and now she’s devastated to realize that every lonely night she spent without a home or family of her own, her mother knew exactly where she was. Mary Kate is about to refuse the money when she sees a beautiful, deserted house for sale and something sparks in her heart. She will reawaken it, as the Dublin Boarding House for Single Ladies, and provide a shelter for others as lost and alone as her. Can she help the two young girls left at the local orphanage, desperate for a home of their own? Or the pregnant teenager on the run, who only wants to keep her baby safe? The boarding house brings Mary Kate love and friendships she never dreamed of, but just as her heart is about to burst with joy, a new guest arrives. The stern older woman won’t speak about her past, but when Mary Kate uncovers her story, it reveals a devastating secret about her mother. With her life in turmoil once more, can Mary Kate draw on the strength of the women in the house to help her face her past, or will the tragedy she uncovers spell disaster for them all?
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Vicki K.

This was a light read…it didn’t require much thought but was enjoyable all the same. Ironically, Mary Kate’s selfless goodness toward others was inspirational and I found it challenged me to find more ways to reach out to others. Well-worth the listen!

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Noah F.

This was great. I needed an uplifting book and this delivered!

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Such a great light hearted book. I enjoyed all the characters stories and how their lives came together. It wasn’t sappy nor had a deep plot, but the story just keep you engaged because of what was happening in the moment for one character or another. The narrator did an amazing job. Wonderful pace and great voice.

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Uplifting light reading what the person needs sometimes

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loved this book. Tender easy read. the narration was wonderful with lots of character.

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Mary H.

Good for a free book and the Narrator really made an effort to give each character a different sound and feel so I didn't get mixed up as to who was talking to whom. It was a super sweet story and even though it had a 3/5 rating I enjoyed it. It was nice to have a gentle book with a mix of characters that had a bit of development, a bit of drama, some funny bits, gently sad bits and all in all a happy ending. Easy to listen to while doing something else.

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I loved this book and how the woman was forgiving and loving despite facing the troubles in her young life

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A nice story with too predictable an ending. It was OK, with lovely characters, but not one of my favorites.

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Daphne F.

Loved this book for its gentle rolling out of the story. Heartwarming and wonderful characters. I highly recommend!

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Lorry S.

Loved it!

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Kelly C.

I needed a book that was easy to listen to, with a happy ending. This book served that purpose and was enjoyable.

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Louise McCartney

A lovely read & heartwarming characters

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Patty I

Free book. It was a very enjoyable happy read. Loved the narrators voice and the story line.

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Tali B.

LOVED this easy going plot with lots of feel good moments

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Donald B.

at least 4 characters

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