The Iron Codex: A Dark Arts Novel

Written by:
David Mack
Narrated by:
Natasha Soudek

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
14 hours 19 minutes
The Dark Arts series continues as the wizards of World War II become the sorcerers of the Cold War in David Mack's globe-spanning thriller, The Iron Codex, sequel to The Midnight Front.

1954: In South East Asia, Cade Martin, hero of the Midnight Front during World War II, chases ghosts and flees his past. In the United States, Briet Segfrunsdóttir heads the Pentagon’s top-secret magickal warfare program. And in South America, Anja Kernova hunts fugitive Nazi sorcerers with the help of a powerful magickal tome known as the Iron Codex.

In an ever-more dangerous world, a chance encounter sparks an international race to find Anja and steal the Iron Codex. Anja is hunted by friend and foe alike toward a showdown on Bikini Atoll in March 1954: the Castle Bravo nuclear test, where science and black magic are destined to collide.
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