It's a Numberful World: How Math Is Hiding Everywhere

Written by:
Eddie Woo
Narrated by:
Adam Lofbomm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
5 hours 12 minutes
Why aren't left-handers extinct? What makes a rainbow round? How is a pancreas . . . like a pendulum?

These may not look like math questions, but they are-because they all have to do with patterns. And mathematics, at
heart, is the study of patterns.

That realization changed Eddie Woo's life-by turning the 'dry' subject he dreaded in high school into a boundless quest for discovery. Now an award-winning math teacher, Woo sees patterns everywhere: in the 'branches' of blood vessels and lightning, in the growth of a savings account and a sunflower, even in his morning cup of tea!

Here are twenty-six bite-size chapters on the hidden mathematical marvels that encrypt our email, enchant our senses, and even keep us alive-from the sine waves we hear as 'music' to the mysterious golden ratio.

This book will change your mind about what math can be. We are all born mathematicians-and It's a Numberful World.
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