It's Time For Attracting Wealth & Abundance With Terry Elston

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Terry Elston

Narrated By: Terry Elston

Publisher: NLP World LTD.

Date: January 2013

Duration: 0 hours 57 minutes


This wealth/money audio-music recording was developed after many people wanted something they could listen to time and time again, to embed and realise their relationship with abundance and wealth.

Recorded by Terry Elston, this audio recording is designed to motivate and bring abundance to you, even in your sleep! If you like the words wealth and abundance, then you're in the right place to listen to how to make it happen!

Abundance is all about clearing the pathway for natural development and letting life give it's presents to you.

On this recording, you will experience yourself as the main player inside a wonderful sound enriched movie of a fantastic journey in the unconscious mind.

You will travel to find out your current relationship with wealth and abundance, then give yourself the chance to free your ability to have and hold it.

The suggestions about wealth and abundance are coupled with brain entrainment waves to get the messages into your energy system. The sounds you hear have been specifically designed to assist your mind in absorbing the positive and skillfully placed words.

Terry Elston is one of the most exciting transformational speakers to bridge the gap between beautiful hypnotic audio tracks and instructional speaking. His products bear the quality that shines through his training as a Master Hypnotist and NLP Specialist.

Laced with amazing advanced brain synchronization techniques and conscious use of language, these products have been designed to infuse your brain with sublime and subliminal messages to take you on your journey of confident change of your wealth patterns.

"Every time I am with Terry, he seems to infuse a notion of possibility and abundance coming into my life - regardless of the situation or circumstance. This translates into real action and then results!" Adam Sprackling.


It's Time For Attracting Wealth & Abundance With Terry Elston

by Terry Elston

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It's Time For Attracting Wealth & Abundance With Terry Elston, Terry Elston