It's Time For Self-Esteem With Terry Elston

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Terry Elston

Narrated By: Terry Elston

Publisher: NLP World LTD.

Date: January 2013

Duration: 0 hours 54 minutes


Self-Esteem is an issue we all have to deal with, so Terry made a product that uses all his NLP skills through language, plus specially created music and sounds to aid you though this period.

On this audio-music track, you'll experience amazing binaural beats and brain entrainment tracks inlayed to heighten the motivating and exhilarating words spoken directly to you by Terry Elston, Master Hypnotist and NLP specialist.

You will be taken on a deeply relaxing and hypnotic set of inductions that will make you feel you are inside a Harry Potter movie, yet with clear instructions to your unconscious mind of how to experience the effects in your real life.

If you want a really relaxing bath of sounds and words to take you into more confidence about your self-esteem, this is for you. It can also be a beautiful present for a loved one.
Terry Elston is one of the most exciting transformational speakers to bridge the gap between beautiful hypnotic audio tracks and instructional speaking. His products bear the quality that shines through his training as a Master Hypnotist and Self Development author.

Laced with amazing advanced brain synchronization techniques and conscious use of language, these products have been designed to infuse your brain with sublime and subliminal messages to take you on your journey of confident change and noticing your self esteem rising higher than the old fences that used to be too tall to look over. "With respect to the self esteem recording I liked this very much and it used an approach I haven't come across before. It's actually quite difficult to tell others exactly what's on individual recordings because of the hypnotic effect where the mind wanders and is not necessarily paying conscious attention to the recording. What I would say though is try this recording - it's intriguing and powerful, as are all the other ones I've listened to made by Terry Elston" Melvin Girling.


It's Time For Self-Esteem With Terry Elston

by Terry Elston

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It's Time For Self-Esteem With Terry Elston, Terry Elston