Japantown: A Thriller

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Barry Lancet

Narrated By: George Newbern

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: December 2013

Duration: 11 hours 20 minutes


It’s been nine months since Jim Brodie recovered a Japanese national treasure, making him something of a local hero in Tokyo. Now, the street-wise, fiercely independent entrepreneur is back home in San Francisco, struggling to squeeze next month’s rent from his fledgling antique shop while juggling the demands of his six-year-old daughter Jenny and the detective/security agency in the Japanese capital he inherited from his American father, a former army MP.

Late one night while he's restoring a valuable Japanese artifact, Brodie receives a call from Frank Renna, a friend and lieutenant in SFPD’s homicide division. A whole family has been senselessly gunned down in San Francisco’s Japantown. There are no witnesses, but among the bodies is a scrap of paper with an indecipherable Japanese character on it. An American born in Japan, fluent in the language, and with extensive contacts in the Asian community, Brodie has advised SFPD in the past, but he's never been called to a murder scene. When he arrives, he's shocked to find that the only clue appears to be the same Japanese character that was graffiti'ed on the street corner outside of the house where his wife Meiko, Jenny's mother, was killed in a fire three years earlier.

With the assistance of a shadow powerbroker, a renegade Japanese detective, and the elusive telecommunications tycoon at the center of the Japantown murders, Brodie moves from the kill zone in San Francisco to terrorized citizens and murdered informants in Tokyo, and then to a remote Japanese village where an enemy unlike any other has been operating unchecked for hundreds of years. He soon finds himself living a nightmare, at the center of a deadly secret that not only threatens to take his life but, in the traditional Japanese manner of old, to eliminate all close family and friends— including his daughter.