Jarrem Lee - Ghost Hunter - The Disappearance of James Jephcott, The Terror of Crabtree Cottage, The Haunting of Private Wilkinson and The Mystery of Grange Manor

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: July 2012

Duration: 1 hours 45 minutes


In science one reasons by analogy, so when mankind is confronted by experiences entirely beyond its understanding it takes an individual with intelligence and bravery in equal measure to push back the boundaries of the unknown....

In London, in the 1900s, the solutions to supernatural occurrences were investigated by a man who was famous for his dealings with the unknown and the worlds of the dead: Jarrem Lee - Ghost Hunter, (or as he prefers to call it, a psychical detective). With the help of college student Arthur Bennett, he embarks on a series of spine-tingling and exciting adventures in the world of the dead.

JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER Episode 05: The Disappearance of James Jephcott. A boy walks into his bedroom and disappears without a trace. Jarrem Lee is called in to investigate.

JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER Episode 06: The Terror of Crabtree Cottage. Is Crabtree Cottage a porthole to the world of demons? A family calls on Jarrem Lee to help.

JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER Episode 07: The Haunting of Private Wilkinson. A soldier who was killed in a training accident returns to haunt the army base.

JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER Episode 08: The Mystery of Grange Manor. When a young lady inherits Grange Manor, her dead ancestors do not approve.