Written by:
Chuck Vollmer
Narrated by:
Chuck Vollmer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2011
1 hour 17 minutes
Jobenomics deals with the economics of job, wealth and revenue creation with a goal of creating 20 million new private sector jobs by 2020 (20 by 20). The Jobenomics movement commenced with Chuck Vollmers book, entitled Jobenomics, which was written to illuminate the economic threats to US, to promote national debate regarding jobs creation, and to start a grassroots campaign.

Jobenomics Overall Tenets
Focus on the economics of job, wealth and revenue creation
Create 20 million new private sector jobs by 2020 (20 by 20)
Empower private sector growth with appropriate government support
Start national business initiatives with emphasis on small business
Incentivize public/private funding to the base of the US economic pyramid

Jobenomics Grassroots Movement
Rely on business as opposed to government as the means of economic growth
Elect officials who support jobs creation and private sector economic development
Grow the private sector labor force as opposed to the government workforce
Invest and promote investment in domestic emerging business and technology
Support a 20 by 20 national campaign

Jobenomics Public Policy Initiative
Emphasize employment over unemployment
Promote pro‐business policies and incentives
Close the spending/receipts fiscal gap
Assist small business development over government and large business growth
Pursue workfare as a viable alternative to welfare

Jobenomics 20 by 20 Categories & Goals
Small business, 7 million new jobs (see below)
Facilitate small business growth, 3 million new jobs
Stimulate self‐employed business development, 4 million new jobs
Large business, 5 million new jobs
Increase expatriate jobs for multinational corporations
Protect and promote domestic jobs in struggling industries
Foreign manufacturing and investment in the US, 3 million new jobs
Emerging technology initiatives, with emphasis on energy technology, 5 million new jobs

Jobenomics Key Small Business Initiatives
Promote and incentivize women‐owned businesses
Establish community‐based business incubators
Develop a national direct‐care program
Start real estate private equity/ property management initiative for distressed residential
homeowners and transition foreclosed homes to affordable rental properties
Develop business ministries in social/religious institutions to assist the financially distressed
Incentivize private sector funding to the base of the US economic pyramid
Establish government funded small business incentives
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