Judas, Betrayer of Jesus

Written by:
Ronald F. Owens , Jr.
Narrated by:
Ronald F. Owens , Jr.

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
1 hour 34 minutes
Jesus, Betrayer of Jesus, is solely based on The Holy Bible. Representing a new and innovative genre of Bible literature, this book is a scripturally-based, yet fictionally portrayed, account about Judas Iscariot, written from the perspective of the man who betrayed Jesus the Christ. The first chapter theorizes on why Judas betrayed Jesus. The second chapter focuses on how Judas betrays Jesus. The third chapter shares with readers his regret for, plus damnable consequences of, betraying Jesus. Many lessons can be learned and applied to our lives today from the man whose name, according to the third chapter, 'will be vilified, be identified with deceit, and be associated with betrayal.'
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