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Just a Couple of Days

Written by:
Tony Vigorito
Narrated by:
Bernard Setaro Clark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2015
12 hours 24 minutes
Blip Korterly kicks off a game of graffiti tag on a local overpass by painting a simple phrase: "Uh-oh." An anonymous interlocutor writes back: "When?" Blip slyly answers: "Just a couple of days." But what happens in just a couple of days? Blip is arrested; his friend, Dr. Flake Fountain-a molecular biologist-is drafted into a shadow-government research project conducting experiments on humans. The virus being tested-cleverly called "the Pied Piper"-renders its victims incapable of symbolic capacity; that is, incapable of communication. Is this biological weaponry? What would happen if it were let loose on the world? Does a babbling populace pose a threat or provide an opportunity for social evolution?This novel's absurd, larger-than-life characters speak in exuberant prose that is as satirical as it is playful, as full of implications as it is full of mirth. It's no wonder Just a Couple of Days has become an underground cult classic
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