Just So Stories: Samuel West reads a selection of Just So Stories

Written by:
Rudyard Kipling
Narrated by:
Samuel West

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2015
2 hours 4 minutes
Samuel West reads ten of Rudyard Kipling’s famous tales, as broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

How the Whale Got His Throat
How the Leopard Got His Spots
The Beginning of the Armadillos
How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin
The Cat That Walked By Himself
How the Camel Got His Hump
The Crab That Played With The Sea
The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo
The Butterfly That Stamped
The Elephant’s Child

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as part of Just So Science, these charming tales are sure to delight listeners of all ages.
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