The Kade Family Saga, Vol. 1: In Quest of Zion

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2018
10 hours 14 minutes
Lydia Dawson is living on the Illinois frontier when she hears an unusual doctrine preached by a traveling minister from Ohio. The message of the gospel suggests answers to questions Lydia privately harbors. Lydia’s heart is stirred, but she is forbidden by her family to have anything to do with this newfound religion called Mormonism.

In Independence, Missouri, Christian Kade is facing personal difficulties and mounting persecution because of his membership in the Church of Jesus Christ. His work on a Church-owned newspaper puts Christian in the center of a spiraling series of events which ultimately forces Christian, as well as the other Saints in Independence, into a dangerous confrontation with their enemies in Missouri.

How these two courageous people surmount their trials and come to share a triumphant love is the compelling story in Volume 1 of this riveting series of historical novels, The Kade Family Saga: In Quest of Zion. Told with the artistry of a masterful storyteller against a historically accurate backdrop, the author skillfully blends historical and fictional characters into an exciting, fast-paced story. Lydia and Christian typify the faith and courage of the early Latter-day Saints. Their saga promises adventure, romance, and a spiritual journey you will never forget.
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