Kaplan Word Power: Vocabulary Building for Success

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Abridged Audiobook

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July 1997
1 hour 30 minutes
You'll Never Be at a Loss for Words Again.
The words you use say a lot about who you are and where you're headed. Whether you want to express yourself clearly to impress a prospective employer during a job interview, or just brush up on those pesky words you encounter every so often reading the newspaper, Kaplan Word Power® is the essential tool to help you expand your daily vocabulary.
Energize Your Vocabulary with:
- Must-know everyday words that are the essentials of a good vocabulary - Engaging lessons to help you utilize words in context - Hot words often found on standardized tests like the SAT and GRE - Tips to help you figure out new words, roots, and more
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Jason Carter

This one is good to listen in the car, when you just need some background noise. It covers a bunch of Jargon from different professions that could help you at one point. It also explains how to get to the root of a word so you can learn new words on the spot. It's worth renting

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This may be better in book form rather than CD format. The "roots" section was endless to listen to and I found the "jargon" section rather useless. I just did not feel that it was helpful in brushing up or expanding my vocabulary. I would recommend "Word Smart, Building a More Educated Vocabulary".

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The audiobook might be able to assist with pronunciation, but I do not feel it will help elevate an average vocabulary to the next level.

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