Keeping 'Mums

Keeping 'Mums

Written by:
Katherine Hayton
Narrated by:
Sara Morsey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
2 hours 59 minutes
Willow's waitress, Tiffany, just became the lead suspect in a murder investigation!

After taking a few days sick off work, Willow Foxglove's waitress, Tiffany Woodstock, is declared a missing person. When Clay, her husband, then turns up dead, the search escalates into a manhunt.

Willow can't rest easy until she knows Tiffany is safe and sound. Unfortunately, though her best friend Harmony seems to know something more, she's keeping mum.

If Willow can't uncover the truth, or turn up her missing employee, then it could spell disaster for her fledgling tea room business. Even Mavis, her Maine Coon kitten, can't put a bright side on the worsening stakes.
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