The Killing Lessons: A Novel

Written by:
Saul Black
Narrated by:
Christina Delaine

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
14 hours 35 minutes
When the two strangers turn up at Rowena Cooper's isolated Colorado farmhouse, she knows instantly that it's the end of everything. For the two haunted and driven men, on the other hand, it's just another stop on a long and bloody journey. And they still have many miles to go, and victims to sacrifice, before their work is done.
For San Francisco homicide detective Valerie Hart, their trail of victims—women abducted, tortured and left with a seemingly random series of objects inside them—has brought her from obsession to the edge of physical and psychological destruction. And she's losing hope of making a breakthrough before that happens.
But the murders at the Cooper farmhouse didn't quite go according to plan. There was a survivor, Rowena's ten-year-old daughter Nell, who now holds the key to the killings. Injured, half-frozen, terrified, Nell has only one place to go. And that place could be even more dangerous than what she's running from.
In this extraordinary, pulse-pounding debut, Saul Black takes us deep into the mind of a psychopath, and into the troubled heart of the woman determined to stop him.
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Penny S.

Mesmerizing and intense.

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K Lindsey

I made it through several hours of this book but just got really bored honestly, it really hooked me at the beginning but the drama of the cop was kind of cheesy and it wasn't going anywhere fast enough

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Rosemarie Cremeans

Loved it! I'm hoping they make a movie based on this book, very well read.

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Sheila Wojcik

I loved the intensely dramatic narration. This book is intense.

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lori handy

Well this book for me was flop the beginning was good and through out the rest i could not get it. I listened all the way but even the ending was aweful

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Ben Black

The author simply wasn't smart enough to avoid all that language and put in disgusting things that weren't necessary.

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kimberly SCoggins

The book is not badly written, but the narration made it hard for me to listen. In my opinion even when there was no need for a dramatic read, she did it anyway & she read it...umm how can I put this; too breathy. I have heard worst narration, but this was right at the top of my list. I would have much rather read the book on my own.

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Linda Montez

Kept me wanting to come back for more!!very intense !

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Anne Schulte

A "page turner"!! From the first scene I couldn't stop listening! The author is very descriptive and is a master of metaphors. (I especially enjoyed and remember the one describing Donald Trump's hair as "a croissant of a wig" --or something to that effect) The characters were intriguing and captivating. The narrator did an exceptional job conveying emotion and personality of many different voices and completely embodied each role. A MUST "READ"!!!! I highly recommend

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