Killing Time

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Linda Howard

Narrated By: Joyce Bean

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: June 2005

Duration: 10 hours 34 minutes


In 1985, with much fanfare, a time capsule was buried under the front lawn of a small-town county courthouse, to be reopened in 2085. But just twenty years later, in the dead of night, the capsule is dug up, its contents stolen. That same night, one of the contributors to the capsule is brutally slain in his home - with no sign of forced entry or indication of a struggle. One by one, others who had placed items in the time capsule are murdered. Besides his suspicions about the sudden, mysterious appearance of Nikita Stover, the chief investigator, Knox Davis, has absolutely no leads. And while Nikita's no murderer, she seems to be hiding plenty of secrets. With more at stake than anyone else realizes, the smart-talking Nikita is determined to catch this cunning killer - while at the same time battling her own deepening feelings for a man and for a world in which she doesn't belong.


  • Sue

    I really enjoyed this book. kept you interested & waiting for more. Maybe not for everyone but I did enjoy it.

  • Rachel M

    This is an entertaining read, with not much depth to it. As with all time-travel books, there are some obvious flaws, but if you're willing to overlook those, you can get a good story out of this one!

  • Amy Hoskins

    The only reason for 3 stars is that this story ends too quickly. I would give it a 5 star rating for the plot twist, I laughed out loud with surprise when it was first revealed. Very inventive. The only negative in the listen is the "bumper" music - its a little incongruous with the story line, like listening to bluegrass music while watching a murder mystery movie. The narrator does a farily good job. Overall, a nice piece of fluff for a long drive or several long jogs.

  • Kathy

    Sometimes the plot seems a little unbelievable and slow moving.

  • Nichole Brigger

    I liked the audio version of this book. It took me a little while to acclimatize to Knox's accent, but once I did, I couldn't imagine the character without it. I enjoyed the story, especially the details of Nikita's situation. The story was not at all plausible, but that's fine with me. The only criticism I have is that there were far to many separate "songs" comprised of only 5 - 50 seconds. It added 880 songs to my itunes and made finding where I was a pain in the rump. Great job by the author and the reader, not so much by the publisher.

  • Shirley Stinnett

    This book was fair. The story line was a bit far fetched.

  • Anonymous

    It was ok. The science fiction core theme is not my taste. I prefer listening to more of a real romance or mystery, though I did listen to it in its entirety until the next title arrive. Had I missed this one, it would have been fine. I am not into time travel and the like. If you are, it is a nice story.

  • Michael Hilliard

    Enjoyed the book interesting twist. This is the second book by this author that I have listened to, in both books she has had something that was out of the ordernary and different. Took a long and boring trip and added some spice to it.

  • Anonymous

    This book had me hooked from the beginning. I was quite surprised at the twist early on in the plot. At that point, it became even more interesting. I could have done without all the sexual content. It wasn't really necessary to the story line in order to relay the main characters' romance. Other than that, it was a great "listen".

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy reading Linda Howard's books. This one was OK, I'm just not a big fan on science fic.

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