King Arthur: The Legend of King Arthur, Excaliber & the Knights of the Round Table

Written by:
Liam Dale
Narrated by:
Liam Dale

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
0 hours 42 minutes
Experience the fascinating world of history's great rulers without the need for lengthy tomes. Join The History Journals on an immersive hourly tour into the lives of renowned and lesser-known Kings, Queens, and Conquerors.

Picture Tintagel, Cornwall, England, on a windswept day. It's a breathtaking locale that transcends the ordinary, especially for those enchanted by the legend of King Arthur. While traditional historical accounts may overlook England's beloved monarch, a visit to this rugged coastal enclave brings you closer to the heart of the Arthurian legend than anywhere else on Earth.

Some contend that Tintagel was the site of King Arthur's illustrious Camelot, while others affirm it as his very birthplace. As you unravel the narrative of Arthur's enigmatic origins, you'll discover why historical records remain curiously devoid of his presence.

Whether your fascination with King Arthur leans towards the historical or romantic, Tintagel offers an experience to captivate every appetite. As the tale unfolds before you, the enthralling blend of mythology and historical fact will cast an irresistible spell.
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