Kitchen Privileges: Memoirs of a Bronx Girlhood

Written by:
Mary Higgins Clark
Narrated by:
Mary Higgins Clark

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2002
5 hours 0 minutes
Angela’s Ashes comes home to the Bronx in a brilliant, touching, charming, and bittersweet account of a childhood during the Depression from America’s Queen of Suspense.

Mary Higgins Clark’s memoir begins with the death of her father in 1939. With no money in the house—the Higgins Bar and Grill in the Bronx is failing and in debt, and worry about it is one of the things that has killed her father—Mary’s indomitable Irish mother (she devotes a chapter to her “Wild Irish Mother”) puts a classified ad in the Bronx Home News: “Furnished rooms! Kitchen Privileges!” Very shortly there arrives the first in a succession of tenants who will change the lives of the Higgins family and set the young Mary on her start as a writer, while bringing to them all a dose of the Christmas spirit that seemed to have vanished with Mr. Higgins’s death.

Full of hope, faith, memorable characters, and warmth, Kitchen Privileges brings back into sharp, nostalgic focus the feeling of growing up poor, but determined to survive, in a vanished Bronx that was one of white lace curtains instead of a slum, and at a time when everybody was poor and either needed or offered a helping hand.
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It was interesting to hear about the life of Mary Higgins Clark, but it was a bit boring at times Her tone of voice did not do the book justice. I didn't really see the signifiance of the title. It didn't tie into the story. I kept listening for it, but it just didn't seem to be there.

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I found this book and the author very annoying. I couldn't even finish the first disc. Was happy to quickly send it back. Who cares ?? Really !!

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Teri Johnson

totally fantastic! It was a real treat when Mary Higgins Clark read herself! She was the first author whose book I couldn't put down when I was a teenager and now to hear her tell her own story, priceless!

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Lynn Smoak

This was an interesting book. I love MHC as an author and it was interesting to see the struggles she went through before she finanally achieved success. At one time as a teenager, I had visions of being an author, but I know I would not have perservered as long as she did. She went through a lot and deserves her success. I will continue to be a big fan of hers.

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Lila Friesen

Very interesting to hear of Mary Higgin Clark"s life. Well written and certainly holds your attention.

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Susan Gribben

I enjoyed this remembrance of a life well lived. Ms. Clark's story is engaging and charming. Her own narration added to the experience. Well done!

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Mary Higgins Clark has certainly lived an extraordinary life, full, rewarding and tragic. I love her books and I enjoyed hearing about her life.

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overall the book was very interesting. it moved a liiltle slowly in places.

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I could not get interested in this at all. I really tried to finish it, but didn't.

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I tried to listen to this but found the author's narration of her book quite annoying. I may read the book instead, it looks like it might be interesting.

Kitchen Privileges: Memoirs of a Bronx Girlhood
This title is due for release on November 1, 2002.

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Kitchen Privileges: Memoirs of a Bronx Girlhood
This title is due for release on November 1, 2002
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Kitchen Privileges: Memoirs of a Bronx Girlhood
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Kitchen Privileges: Memoirs of a Bronx Girlhood

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