Knowledge in a Nutshell and Knowledge in a Nutshell on Sports

Written by:
Charles Reichblum
Narrated by:
Dan Cashman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2000
9 hours 53 minutes
Find over a thousand of astounding fun facts in this combination audiobook -- a treasure chest for trivia buffs.

Want to be surprised with the truth? Discover how you've been misled for years? Get a kick out of coincidences? Learn about the U.S. state that no longer exists -- the man who was present when THREE U.S. Presidents were assassinated -- why hamburgers are called hamburgers even though they have no ham in them!

And do you know about the big league batter who caught his own home run? The great football team that never existed? This audiobook not only gives you facts...but the anecdotes behind the facts.
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