The Land of the Silver Apples

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Nancy Farmer

Narrated By: Gerard Doyle

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: August 2007

Duration: 13 hours 30 minutes






Jack is amazed to have caused an earthquake. He is thirteen, after all, and only a bard-in-training. But his sister, Lucy, has been stolen by the Lady of the Lake; stolen a second time in her young life, as he learns to his terror. Caught between belief in the old gods and Christianity (790 AD, Britain), Jack calls upon his ash wood staff to subdue a passel of unruly monks, and, for his daring, ends up in a knucker hole. It is unforgettable -- for the boy and for readers -- as are the magical reappearance of the berserker Thorgil from a burial by moss; new characters Pega, a slave girl from Jack's village, and the eager-to-marry-her Bugaboo (a hobgoblin king); kelpies; yarthkins; and elves (not the enchanted sprites one would expect but the fallen angels of legend). Rarely does a sequel enlarge so brilliantly the world of the first story. Look for the conclusion in The Islands of the Blessed in 2009.


  • Lydia M.

    This is the conclusion of one of my favorite series. I read it in my early teens, it's good to back in my 20's now. It's nastalgic but totally new at the same time. I love Nancy Farmer and anything Gerard Doyle reads he does an excellent job.

  • Martin Safer

    The recording is out of order and there are random cuts of some BS religious indoctrination thing that lasts for like 20 minutes at a time...

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by Nancy Farmer

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