The Last Dead Girl

Written by:
Harry Dolan
Narrated by:
Michael Kramer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2014
13 hours 0 minutes
On a rainy night in April, a chance encounter on a lonely road draws David into a romance with Jana Fletcher, a beautiful young law student. Jana is an enigma: living in a run-down apartment and sporting a bruise on her cheek that she refuses to explain. David would like to know her secrets, but he lets them lie-until it's too late.
When Jana is brutally murdered, the police consider David a prime suspect. But as he sets out to uncover the truth about Jana, he begins to realize he's treading a very dangerous path-and that her killer is watching every move he makes.
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First book by Dolan ..Bad Things Happen was very good this one tumbled thru so many characters tormented story sick bad guys unusual killings reader super but this was too hard to follow well.

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