Last Men Out: The True Story of America's Heroic Final Hours in Vietnam

Written by:
Tom Clavin , Bob Drury
Narrated by:
Bronson Pinchot

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
10 hours 16 minutes
In a gripping, moment-by-moment narrative based on a wealth of recently declassified documents and in-depth interviews, Bob Drury and Tom Clavin tell the remarkable drama that unfolded over the final, heroic hours of the Vietnam War. This closing chapter of the war would become the largest-scale evacuation ever carried out, as improvised by a small unit of Marines, a vast fleet of helicopter pilots flying nonstop missions beyond regulation, and a Marine general who vowed to arrest any officer who ordered his choppers grounded while his men were still on the ground.

Drury and Clavin focus on the story of the eleven young Marines who were the last men to leave, rescued from the U.S. Embassy roof just moments before capture, having voted to make an Alamo-like last stand. As politicians in Washington struggled to put the best face on disaster and the American ambassador refused to acknowledge that the end had come, these courageous men held their ground and helped save thousands of lives. Drury and Clavin deliver a taut and stirring account of a turning point in American history that unfolds with the heart stopping urgency of the best thrillers-a riveting true story finally told, in full, by those who lived it.
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This was an amazing true story! The narration was excellent too! I would recommend to anyone who enjoys listening to nonfictional, historical stories!

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