The Last Ride of Cowboy Bob

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
0 hours 53 minutes
In partnership with Texas Monthly, Skip Hollandsworth's 'The Last Ride of Cowboy Bob' is now available as an audio download, where the length and timeliness of a podcast meets the high-quality production of a full-length audio program.

Cowboy Bob was a master bank robber, robbing countless banks for thousands of dollars and confounding cops along the way. He would rob banks without a weapon, without any apparent muscle or accomplice, and he'd steal license plates to throw police off his trail. The police had a lot of questions and theories when it came to Cowboy Bob, but the last thing they would have suspected was that he was a woman.

'The Last Ride of Cowboy Bob' profiles Peggy Jo Tallas, a seemingly average, middle-aged Texan woman who cared for her elderly, ailing mother and was beloved by family and friends. Skip Hollandsworth traces her life leading up to her mysterious crime wave, uncovering hints of how and why Peggy became Bob, and attempting to get to the heart of who this woman really was.
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