The Last Tudor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2017
19 hours 11 minutes
The final book of the Tudor series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory features one of the most famous women in history, Lady Jane Grey, and her two sisters, each of whom dared to defy her queen.

Jane Grey was queen of England for nine days. Her father and his allies crowned her instead of the dead king’s half-sister Mary Tudor, who quickly mustered an army, claimed her throne, and locked Jane in the Tower of London. When Jane refused to betray her Protestant faith, Mary sent her to the executioner’s block, where Jane transformed her father’s greedy power-grab into tragic martyrdom.

“Learn you to die,” was the advice Jane wrote to her younger sister Katherine, who has no intention of dying. She intends to enjoy her beauty and her youth and fall in love. But she is heir to the insecure and infertile Queen Mary and then to her sister Queen Elizabeth, who will never allow Katherine to marry and produce a Tudor son. When Katherine’s pregnancy betrays her secret marriage, she faces imprisonment in the Tower, only yards from her sister’s scaffold.

“Farewell, my sister,” writes Katherine to the youngest Grey sister, Mary. A beautiful dwarf, disregarded by the court, Mary keeps family secrets, especially her own, while avoiding Elizabeth’s suspicious glare. After seeing her sisters defy their queens, Mary is acutely aware of her own danger, but determined to command her own life. What will happen when the last Tudor defies her ruthless and unforgiving cousin Queen Elizabeth?
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Excellent example of Philippa Gregory's work. I learned a lot about a figure, Jane Grey, that I did not know. And I loge the way she mixes actual history with fiction and makes it all seamless.

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Sivan B.

My least favorite Philippa Gregory book. Written and narrated by true professionals, but, this story... It’s not a story, really. Or it’s too depressing of one. I agree with the reviewer who suggests you skip this one. SPOILER ALERT************************************* They’re. Imprisoned. The. Whole. Book.

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Carmel S

Skip this one. I am a fan of Gregory even when I know her "history" is wildly and hilariously wrong. She usually makes up for it with a compelling story. Not this time. The characters are boring, full of del pity and rightousness, and the depiction of Queen Elizabeth is off the wall. Gregory clearly detests the Tudors and Elizabeth in particular, depicting her as an unrelentingly evil, petty and vicious monster, to the point where it becomes ridiculous. Awful book. Narration is excellent, Bianca Amato is a wonderful interpreter of Gregory's work even when dealing with trashy material.

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Elizabeth P

Not my favorite Philippa Gregory book. The characters droned on, which is the opposite of her other faster paced books. As usual her historical facts are accurate and her take on events is compelling. Unfortunately the way in which the characters told their stories focused took away from the overall events.

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Alexandria R

It was an interesting perspective of the time I would have otherwise not entertained. I was not gripped with intrigue which is why I deducted stars. And my expectations were set high after reading the Red and White queen which I could not put down. But certainly worth a look if you enjoy the Tudor saga.

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