Late Bloomer

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Written By: Fern Michaels

Narrated By: Michele Pawk

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: February 2005

Duration: 4 hours 51 minutes


Twenty years have past since the incident involving six lonely children at a secret playground in Indigo Valley, Pennsylavania which left the town bully dead and ten-year-old Cady Jordan seriously injured. Now Cady has returned to the valley to care for her ailing grandmother Lola, the only person Cady has ever truly loved. While Cady has grown into attractive, intelligent, but overly cautious young woman, she has no memory of her childhood tragedy. Lola desperately wants to see Cady embrace life and find the happiness she deserves so she pushes her granddaughter to "remember."

As Cady reacquaints herself with her old friends, she begins to recalls bits and pieces of what happened that fateful day. She also discovers a new zest for life and falls in love for the first time. But her friends don't want her to remember. If the truth comes out, their safe and secure lives might be ruined forever. Which of them will do what is best for Cady and acknowledge the truth, and which of them will betray her again and do what is best for themselves?

With vibrant, complex characters and her distinctive blend of humor and poignancy, Fern Michaels is at the peak of her storytelling abilities. "Late Bloomer" takes listeners on the young woman's journey of self-discovery that is exciting, heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant.


  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a great find. I loved this book. The narrator was great. I'm going to rent another one of her books.

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  • Margarita Zindel

    Very entretaining!, it makes time go fast!, specially if you are driving.

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  • mgd

    Reminded me of the type of book I would have read in high school. But it was easy listening and light fair for around the holidays. Guess I'm just a sucker for happy endings.

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  • Wanda Kemp

    I found this book to be very juvenile. Possibly for a teenager then an adult. I felt there were a lot of "fillers" in the book. Meaning that it seemed to go on and on about the same thing, like the Judas Tree incident.

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  • Anonymous

    I thoroughly enjoyed this audio book! Keeps your interest and makes time fly by!

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  • Anonymous

    I loved this book. A mystery, love story and some laughs included. What more would you want. Fern did a wonderful job with Cady Jordan.

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  • michelle johnson

    I love Fern Micheals and I loved this book. The characters in this book are very believable. The grandma and her friends are a hoot.

  • TJR

    I think the story was a little far fetched - a life changing secret was not researched before 20 years went by is emphazied quite a bit. Overall, the characters appeared very real and are quite enjoyable. The story line does take a few loops that you don't expect. A good listen.

  • Anonymous

    This book made me sick. It was feasting on the lie that any hairbrained whim should be acted on, to "live." It might be appealing to a greedy, self-indulgent person who believes that money and laziness make a dream life. It feeds on the immature soul that can't live without vengence. The circumstances, the plot, was more like a fairy tale.

  • Anonymous

    Whille admittedly predictable for the romance genre, this book has a gripping plot that keeps the listener glued to the speaker. Wholly enjoyable, another audiobook that makes rush hour pass in a flash.