Law of Attraction: Accelerate the Manifestation of Wealth, Health, and Love (2 in 1)

Law of Attraction: Accelerate the Manifestation of Wealth, Health, and Love (2 in 1)

Written by:
Jenny Hashkins
Narrated by:
Sherra Swapp
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
2 hours 24 minutes
This title contains two books, which are the following:

Book 1: Have you seen any signs from the universe?

Are things going your way or do you wish that things would be better?

These are some of the things people asking themselves when they want to work on their future. I hope you have asked yourself the same things, because the secret key is in the chapters of this book. The first part of this book will go over finding your soulmate. Once you have found him or her, be sure to fight to keep the relationship intact and don’t lose it.

Next, the book will talk about reasons that you might not be rich yet. Sure, there are the obvious ones, like the economy or your job, but there may be hidden factors that are blocking you from achieving the income level that you are after.

In the last section of this guide, you will be shown what kinds of signs the universe puts in your path. To ignore them, would be foolishness. Therefore, learn more about them, and you will have greater success in aligning your with the universe’s.

Book 2: How can you be happier? What does science say about it?

These and many other questions will be answered. There is a literal Q&A in this book about the law of attraction, joy, and other topics related to it.

Another topic in this book, is vibrations. As some of us know (maybe you do, too), the law of attraction is based on vibrations. Those vibrations are sent out and attract the things we want because of our thoughts and behavior. Raising our vibrations, therefore, would be crucial to accomplish our dreams. Here, you will learn how to do that, because it is definitely possible.
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