Law of Attraction: Change Your Relationship with Money, Your Body, and Other People

Law of Attraction: Change Your Relationship with Money, Your Body, and Other People

Written by:
Jenny Hashkins
Narrated by:
Sherra Swapp
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
5 hours 22 minutes
This is a combo book that consists of 5 titles, which are:

Book 1: The law of attraction has been a popular theme in the past few decades. If we want to understand it, it is valuable to study different aspects of it. That’s why, in this guide, you will be able to learn more about several subtopics.

Book 2: When we follow our dreams, we can do more, we can feel more, and we can be more. Once we understand these simple concepts, we will be faced with problems, but we will be able to overcome many of those problems by using the law of attraction, whether it’s for money, doing what you love, or the relationship with those around us.

Book 3: You will learn more about yourself, about how to save up more money and attract more of it, and how to manage stress. In these pressing times, many people lose their sense of self or become less confident in their ability to achieve much. But your personality traits may just be all that’s needed to live the life of your dreams.

Book 4: Did you know that Feng Shui can help you attract more wealth?

The invisible powers of organization and energies are hidden in the most profound realms of the universe, and they work!

But hold on, a skeptic might say, “How do I even know whether it is working or not?”

Book 5: I hope you have asked yourself the same things, because the secret key is in the chapters of this book. The first part of this book will go over finding your soulmate. Once you have found him or her, be sure to fight to keep the relationship intact and don’t lose it.
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