The Law of Attraction: The Secret to Manifesting Magic, Money and Love

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Craig Beck

Narrated By: Craig Beck

Publisher: Authors Republic

Date: April 2016

Duration: 6 hours 49 minutes


The Law of Attraction can easily be understood by becoming aware that 'like attracts like' or putting it another way 'you get back what you give out'. Sounds simple, but how do you make it an automatic part of your being?

An essential component of the Law of Attraction is realizing that where you fix your attention can have a powerful impact on what happens to you. However, despite what you may have been told your ability to manifest the life of your dreams has nothing to do with positive thinking and affirmations. Think anything you want but unless you believe it, you will not be sending the right vibrations out into the universe to have it appear.

You see, everything in the world is just energy vibrating at different frequencies. The sports car you want is just the same as you, a collection of atomic particles fluctuating at a precise frequency to generate it's physical form. If you want the sports car in your life you simply have to send out the intention resonating at the exact same frequency.

You may be wondering if this is all true then why do so many people continue to suffer with poverty, lack and want. Most people simply dismiss this theory as 'new age mumbo jumbo', but this is a law and just like any other it doesn't care whether you believe or not. The law of gravity applies its force on you regardless of what you believe and so does the law of attraction.

Even though there is a great deal of value to even merely finding out what the Law of Attraction is, this profound book takes you to an advanced level of understanding. In short, if you implement everything you read in this book your life will change more positively and dramatically than you may have ever believed possible.

You will come to be more attentive to underlying negativity and can begin to combat it with new beliefs and sensations that better reflect your constructive vision of the upcoming future. This ongoing focus on self-reflection also allows you to start seeing what you really want from your life, and you can then advance to developing clearer objectives with actionable steps at every stage.

This is Craig Beck's complete Manifesting Magic series broken down into seven powerful chapters, each dealing with an important area of your life. This book has the power to deliver the life of your dreams but remember whether you believe that claim or not, you are right! If you can open your mind to a concept that has already changed the lives of thousands then you have truly found the genie's lamp!

- How to attract money using the law of attraction
- Living in abundance
- Find your soul mate and more love than you thought possible
- Manifest perfect health and vitality
- Ask believe receive
- Becoming fearless


  • Lisa C

    It just makes sense! Easy to follow, understand and very inspiring. I started using his techniques and advice immediately and saw dramatic positive changes in my life instantly. I'm now going to listen to it again, but this time with my partner, which I would never have previously dreamt of doing, for fear he would think it was just mumbo jumbo, but now I get excited when I feel the twitch of fear inside me and want to challenge it, knowing the other side of it, is where I really want to be. Thank you Craig.

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  • Bashar S

    Good listen.

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by Craig Beck

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